Industrial HVAC Air Filter

Industrial HVAC Air Filter

Filtec offers custom air filter products to meet the requirements for industrial and commercial HVAC applications. We offer a large range of HVAC air filter. Rugged foam media and metal mesh media offer low pressure drop and the ability to capture large amounts of airborne dust while withstanding harsh weather and environmental conditions. Outdoor applications are well suited for cleanable foam and metal mesh media offered in sturdy aluminum framed assemblies. Indoor applications are served with cleanable foam media as well as disposable polyester. For product service and maintenance improvement, pleated filter media offers increased dust holding and extended filter life.

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Related Models

Pre Filter

Pre Filter

As prefilters for intake, exhaust and recirculating air systems, extending the operational lifetimes of the downstream fine filters.

Pocket Filter

Self Supported Pocket Filter

Pocket filters have been widely used in central air conditioning ventilation systems and some gas turbine air inlet systems. They are used for secondary filtration to reduce load and prolong service life of higher-efficiency air filtration systems.

Plated Hepa Filter

Plated HEPA Filter

Terminal filtration in both commercial and industrial applications. Filtration Efficiency: DOP 99%,99.99%,99.999% @ 0.3um

ULPA Filter

ULPA Filters

ULPA(ultra-low penetration air/ultra low particulate air) filters can remove from the air at least 99.999% of dust,pollen,mold,bacteria and any airborne particles with a size of 120 nanometers(0.12μm) or larger.

V-Bank Hepa Filter

V-Bank HEPA Filter

V-bank HEPA filters widely used in high-volume airflow facilities, such as power plants. They are also used as pre-filters for final stage filters or ULPA filters.

High Efficiency Panel Filters

High Efficiency Panel Filters

High efficiency panel filters are mainly used to filtrate the suspended particles in the air with the diameter of 0.3um and below and used for the termimal filtration of all kinds of filtration system.

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