Coalescing Filtration

Coalescence Separator

Coalescer filters trap and remove water, oil, and other liquid aerosols from compressed air or gas streams. ... Our specially formulated coalescer media features a unique surface structure and gradient density that provides superior separation in all air/gas applications.

Coalescer gas-liquid: coalescer cartridges are intended for aerosols and mists separation, even in case of low surface tension, in gas streams. The elements are manufactured with multiple layers, supported by stainless or galvanized steel core to guarantee absolute separation of droplet larger than 0.3 µm.

Coalescer natural gas: The agglomerating cartridges are designed for the dry gas filtration or for the agglomerating of liquids in a gas stream. The cartridges are fabricated with a depth fiberglass media supported by a tinned steel hardware. These cartridges are the ideal solution as first stage in the gas filter separators.

Coalescer liquid-liquid: The coalescer elements are designed for high efficiency separation of free water, even with low interface tension, from hydrocarbon stream. The coalescer elements are fabricated with multiple filtration layers supported with tinned steel or stainless steel hardware; they are suitable to guarantee water separation from hydrocarbon down to less than 15 ppm of free water.

Separator liquid-liquid: The separator elements are designed with hydrophobic material to provide the final separation of the small droplets carried over by the flow downstream the coalescer elements. The separators are fabricated with a stainless steel hardware while the water repel is granted by a wire mesh PTFE coated or with a synthetic media.

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